Swisscom can claim to be the first European Telecom to have introduced commercial 5G. In co-operation with Qualcomm, Swisscom’s new 5G service will be tied in to the launch of several 5G phones in May and later such as the Oppo Reno 5G. The service is, until then, unusable to all.

5G is an expensive undertaking and so to recoup some of the costs its likely many Telecoms will do the same as Swisscom by partnering up with manufacturers to only allow early adopters on expensive new phones access to their 5G networks at first. Firstly, because usually only the flagship offerings will have the technology. Secondly, because the phone purchasing plans and data plans will be quite lucrative in comparison to standard fare, thus increasing profits for the telecoms in this field in order to defray costs coming from setting up the network.

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies.

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Luka Ivezic is an independent consultant and author exploring geopolitical and socioeconomic implications of emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). To better observe policy discussions and societal attitudes towards early adoptions of emerging technologies, Luka spent last five years living between US, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Japan and Canada. This has given him a unique perspective on how emerging technologies shape different societies, and how different cultures determine technological development.