Cyber – A necessary pillar of Smart Cities

Cyber-Security-A-necessary-pillar-of-Smart-Cities-696x962EY whitepaper “Cyber Security A necessary pillar of Smart Cities” explores cybersecurity and privacy risks of smart cities; how can both public and private sectors combat these threats and challenges; what are some of the latest solutions; and are there examples that we can learn from?

From the Foreword:

Smart cities move from being a buzzword to reality as the market has evolved into its next stage. As more governments begin to adopt “smart” concepts, most find it challenging to keep pace with rapid changes in the digital world and the continued evolution of their service delivery models.

The increased complexity of city’s systems, interdependencies, globally connected social, economic and political sub systems has increased the vulnerability of a city’s security. The cyber threats get magnified as infinite supply of data becomes more integral to a wide array of operations.

The interface between urban growth, technology, infrastructure and capital requirement presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges to the implementation of Smart cities. The challenges cities face generates demand for investment in the physical, economic, institutional and social infrastructure. The report tries to highlight the various parameters of a smart city, existing security challenges and possible solutions.$FILE/ey-cyber-security-a-necessary-pillar-of-smart-cities.pdf [PDF]

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies.