Today the European Commission (EC) has recommended a set of operational steps and measures to ensure a high l Add Formevel of cybersecurity of 5G networks across the EU.

The EC has recommended a series of operational steps and measures aimed at ensuring a high level of security of 5G networks across the EU including:

  • legislative and policy measures designed to protect the nations’ economies, societies and democratic systems;
  • recommendation that each member state complete a national risk assessment of 5G network infrastructures by the end of June; and
  • urging member states to update their respective security requirements for network providers and include conditions for ensuring the security of public networks, especially when granting 5G spectrum licenses.

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies.

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Luka Ivezic is an independent consultant and author exploring geopolitical and socioeconomic implications of emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). To better observe policy discussions and societal attitudes towards early adoptions of emerging technologies, Luka spent last five years living between US, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Japan and Canada. This has given him a unique perspective on how emerging technologies shape different societies, and how different cultures determine technological development.