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5G as the Most Critical of Critical Infrastructures

5G Critical Infrastructure
Not even 30 years separate us from the end of the Cold War. Yet, we appear to be witnessing the emergence of a new one, a technology Cold War between the United States and China. This time, instead of a ‘red under...

Telcos Should Take Risks to Jumpstart the 5G Ecosystem

5G Business
5G connectivity burst onto the world stage at last year’s Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea and gained pop culture visibility again at the April 2019 NCAA Final Four men’s college basketball games in Minneapolis. Why the rush to 5G though, when...

Geopolitics of 5G and 5G-Connected Massive & Critical IoT

US vs China 5G
Emerging Technology Enters the Political Ring There are several reasons emerging technology is a highly competitive industry, notwithstanding the race for intellectual property that can be licensed by burgeoning markets for revenue. A first-mover advantage is often a way...

A Policy and Regulatory Checklist for 5G

5G Cell Tower
Ultra high speed, high quality 5G networks are expected to provide the connectivity required for remote robotic surgery as well as instant movie downloads and 3D mobile gaming. The technology boasts incredible reliability and low latency. However, recent hype...

5G Cybersecurity & Privacy Challenges

5G Security
Don’t let the “5G” in the title confuse you. This post is not only about the telcos’ core networks, but about the cybersecurity and privacy issues in our (very) near, and very different future that 5G will enable. In the 5G-enabled massive...

5G Making It More Important for Governments to Lead IoT Security

IoT Cybersecurity Framework Government
The human brain is programmed to keep us safe and secure. Yes, we are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom by our advanced capacities of sense-making and decision-making, but at the core of our grey matter remains some primitive but...

Innovation in Canada – What’s Not Working and What Is

Innovation in Canada
Canada’s rankings in innovation has lagged that of other peer nations for decades despite government efforts to address this issue. Considering its success in developing research programs at its universities, its mediocre rankings overall in technology development is disappointing. Those programs alone...

5G Policy News

Germany 5G Security Standard

Germany’s successful and expensive 5G spectrum sale

Germany’s auction of 5G spectrums reached 5 billion euros yesterday, in excess of expert estimates. The high price will mean that whilst the German...
Huawei 5G

UK government issues a report warning of Huawei

UK government’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) Oversight Board just published its fifth annual report for the Cabinet Secretary.

EU recommends common approach to 5G security

Today the European Commission (EC) has recommended a set of operational steps and measures to ensure a high level of cybersecurity of...
5G Spectrum Germany

Germany begins sales of 5G spectrum

Disregarding lawsuits and other delaying attempts from Germany’s big 3 Telecommunications corporations, Germany’s Federal Network Agency has seen fit to begin the...
5G Security GSA

GSA Issues a 5G Security Primer Whitepaper

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) today issued a 5G Security Primer whitepaper. The whitepaper provides a top-level overview of the security...

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