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France defines 5G security requirements

France’s parliament is debating a bill that would see the country establish stricter security rules around 5G networks.

The bill would require all 5G network equipment to undergo special security testing and be cleared before those vendors could be eligible for 5G contracts.

While the legislation doesn’t target Huawei explicitly, it is obviously influenced by the U.S. recent pressure against Huawei. “We don’t target any gear maker; we target equipment,” said Thomas Gassilloud, a lawmaker from President Emmanuel Macron’s party.

Bloomberg report here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-03/france-s-5g-bill-makes-it-tough-but-not-impossible-for-huawei

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He held multiple interim CISO and technology leadership roles in Global 2000 companies.

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