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Germany begins sales of 5G spectrum

Disregarding lawsuits and other delaying attempts from Germany’s big 3 Telecommunications corporations, Germany’s Federal Network Agency has seen fit to begin the auctioning of 41 blocks of spectrum in the 3 and 3.6Ghz bands. These frequencies are short-range, high data-capacity networks especially suited to running connected factories and other critically innovative massive IOT applications. 5G’s big impact will be on connecting our society more so than ever before through its large bandwidth, high speed and low latency.

The sales of these bands will thus determine who the big players of 5G networks in Germany will be in terms of the Telecommunications network operators. Of particular interests are firstly the participation of new competitors such as 1&1 Drillisch a virtual mobile network operator. Secondly, is due to the onerous conditions which operators will have to commit to, of which the main one was provision of high-speed coverage for 98% of households by 2022.

Reuters ‘Explainer’: https://ca.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idCAKCN1QZ1YN-OCATC

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