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Germany’s successful 5G spectrum sale

Germany’s auction of 5G spectrums reached 5 billion euros yesterday, in excess of expert estimates. The high price will mean that whilst the German government received a large amount of money to inject in improving their public digital infrastructure, it will simultaneously harm the capability of Telecoms to efficiently and quickly fund the construction of the 5G networks.

Additional concerns for the Telecoms that managed to obtain a slice of the 5G spectrum is that they will have to build the 5G networks whilst living up to the stringent security requirements made by the government for the winning bidders of the sale, as well as the requirement to have “successful bidders to provide coverage to 98% of household with 100Mbits/s speed by the end of 2022 and 300Mbits/s by the end of 2025.” (link: http://telecoms.com/492241/german-5g-auction-set-for-early-2019-with-some-strings-attached/)

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/6a5b7a98-5b9a-11e9-9dde-7aedca0a081a

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