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£6.8bn impact to UK if Huawei 5G banned

Mobile UK, the UK mobile network operators’ trade association, issued a report “The Impact on the UK of a Restriction on Huawei in the Telecoms Supply Chain” outlining potential risk to UK economy if use of Huawei for 5G rollout is restricted. Some key findings from the report include:

  • A partial to full restriction on Huawei in the telecoms supply chain could result in an 18 – 24 month delay to the widespread availability of 5G in the UK.
  • The cost to the UK economy of a delay in rollout is calculated at between £4.5bn and £6.8bn.
  • As well as the measurable financial impact, the UK will also suffer in terms of lower inward investment and lost productivity gains through stagnation of digital infrastructure.

Full report here: https://www.mobileuk.org/news/ps6-8bn-potential-risk-to-uk-economy-if-use-of-huawei-for-5g-rollout-is-restricted-report-finds

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