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US praises Germany’s 5G security standard for network providers

The top US cybersecurity policy diplomat, Rob strayer, praised Germany’s strict security standards for 5G network providers on Wednesday. The requirements include sections that call for the providers to utilize “trustworthy” equipment suppliers who comply with national security regulations related to secrecy and data protection.

The issue of course being that Huawei in particular has some managerial, best practices and compliance issues in this area as seen in previous reports such as the UK’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre. Rob strayer believes that this would “lead inevitably” to a banning of Huawei as an equipment provider.

Strayer additionally indicated that this may be a turnabout in US policy of cutting out Huawei away from blanket bans which they have rather unsuccessfully lobbied for so far, outside of a few countries such as Australia. Strayer’s own words were “At this point we’re looking for governments to adopt security standards like we’re seeing in Germany.” Hence it may be credible to believe that in the next few months the USA and their cybersecurity diplomatic teams such as the ones under Strayer, will be doing their best to convince respective countries of the security inadequacies of Huawei as a 5G equipment provider.

Huawei on its part has been attempting to fight this through its multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity initiative which includes such projects as the Cybersecurity Transparency centre in Brussels. https://5g.security/5g-security/huawei-opens-a-cyber-security-transparency-center-in-brussels/


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