A new GSMA report highlights North America’s global 5G leadership. The report – The Mobile EconomyNorth America 2019 – part of GSMA’s ongoing Mobile Economy report series was published at MWC Los Angeles by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the GSMA.

The study sees a rapid expansion of 5G coverage across the US and Canada and estimates that by the end of 2022, 24% of connections on the continent will be on 5G networks, rising to 46% by 2025 – equivalent to 200 million 5G connections.

High subscriber penetration coupled with historically high consumer spend on mobile services means the North American mobile market will be worth $280 billion in revenue in 2019. In this context, the US is the largest market for mobile worldwide – around 50% greater than China. This is being fuelled by operator spending on new networks, which is forecast to total more than $380 billion (CAPEX) between 2018 and 2025.

The report also estimates that the mobile ecosystem also supported 2.3 million jobs (directly and indirectly) on the continent and made substantial contributions to the funding of the public sector, with almost $123 billion raised through taxation last year (not including spectrum fees).

It estimates mobile industry contribution to GDP to grow to 4.8% or $1.2 trillion by 2023.

For more information https://www.gsma.com/r/mobileeconomy/northamerica/

Infographics is available for download here [PDF]

Full report here [PDF]

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies. He leads PwC’s global 5G cybersecurity efforts as well as industrial, IoT and critical infrastructure cybersecurity services in the region. All these focus areas are being transformed with the emergence of 5G, massive IoT (mIoT) and critical IoT (cIoT). Marin worked with critical infrastructure protection organizations in a dozen countries, 20+ of the top 100 telecom companies, and a number of technology companies on understanding the geopolitics of 5G; uncovering as-yet-unknown security and privacy risks of 5G, AI and IoT; and defining novel security and privacy approaches to address emerging technology risks.

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