Cities and rural communities across Canada will see significant economic and quality-of-life benefits as 5G is deployed.

According to a new report commissioned by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and developed by Accenture Strategy 5G will add 250,000 new permanent jobs to the economy by 2026. It also estimates that 5G impact will reach $40 billion CAD of annual GDP contribution by 2026.

The report, Accelerating 5G in Canada – Benefits for Cities and Rural Communities [PDF] examines how the deployment of 5G can benefit both cities and rural communities. It highlights 5G as a key enabler for a number of opportunities for innovation in the communications industry and it stresses 5G’s potential to fuel new business models.

The report also examines key benefits likely to be realized in few select use case deployments such as:

  • Transportation & Mobility: large-scale smart traffic management applications.
  • Precision Agriculture: innovation technologies for crop and soil management.
  • Energy Management: smart grid sensor densification and smart street lighting.
  • Rural Connectivity: efficient broadband rollout to underserved areas.

“Many people assume that new network technology will only benefit residents and businesses in our largest cities, however this report shows that this is clearly not the case,” said Robert Ghiz, president & CEO of CWTA, in a press release.

The report is available here: [PDF]

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies.