The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI Book

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI

Preparing your leadership skills for the AI-shaped future of work

In a slight departure from our usual topic, we decided to capture the leadership lessons we observed at some of our clients – early adopters of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is reality. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or a Robot Apocalypse depending on whom you ask, is already underway. The transition has already started. But what it means in terms of leadership? How to prepare for the dramatic shifts in the global workforce?

In The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic demystify the processes behind this revolution. Rather than offering another sensationalistic, panic-inducing view on AI – or its overly-optimistic alternative – authors explain the reality of AI implementation in business environments.

The age of AI brings new paradigms in economy, business, and workforce. In addition to the workers with obviously obsolete skills, the change will also affect executives and managers. But you can still thrive if you develop your distinctly human skills.

While AI and machines are undoubtedly superior in the tasks that involve data, rules, and processes, they lack the ability to go beyond a specific set of purposes. Humans are still unbeatable when it comes to creativity, vision, and collaboration. Rather than managing operations and processes, the leaders of tomorrow will need to focus on their interpersonal skills.

The transformed economy will need some new sorts of executives – motivators, innovators and social experimenters. Machines will run the processes. You’ll need to take care of agility and motivations of the employees.

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI clarifies those new roles and makes the transition easier.

Prepare for new challenges. Get ready and find your place in the age of AI.

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The book will be published on 28th August.

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