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Cyber-Kinetic Security and Privacy Threats in Smart Cities

Smart City 5G Privacy
More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The UN estimates that by 2050 that proportion will be 68% - more than 6 billion people living in high-density conditions. This raises significant challenges. What is the best way to ensure...

Importance of Privacy for Smart Cities and IoT

From The Jetsons to Blade Runner, to Back to the Future, to A.I. to The 5th Element, popular culture has long been fascinated by what the future would look like for ordinary people. In these films and countless others, humans of the...

Technology Trends for 2019 – More Amazing Than Flying Cars

Smart City Chip
Technologies that could change the world have been a popular topic for the past half century. True, the predictions that everyone would drive flying cars have not materialized, but what has materialized would astound those who offered such predictions 50 years ago....

Cyber-Kinetic Risks: The Unintended Consequence of IoT in a 5G World

Cybersecurity IoT 5G
Getting smart about security in smart systems Smart used to be something we called people or pets. It wasn't a term one would use to describe one's hairbrush. That is changing, of course, in an era of accelerating...

Growing Cyber-Kinetic Threats to Railway Systems

Cyber-Kinetic Security Railway
Cybersecuring railway systems from potential attackers must become paramount in the digitization that those systems currently undergo. Their cybersecurity is too closely interlinked with the railway safety to leave the door open to disruption. To make matters worse, they are increasingly being...

5G Making It More Important for Governments to Lead IoT Security

IoT Cybersecurity Framework Government
The human brain is programmed to keep us safe and secure. Yes, we are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom by our advanced capacities of sense-making and decision-making, but at the core of our grey matter remains some primitive but...

Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) – Threat to IoT

As IoT adoption continues to proliferate, manufactures and adopters are increasingly aware of cybersecurity risks to IoT. Yet, even among the IoT security professionals, one significant potential remote attack vector is often overlooked: intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI).

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Why governments must take the lead on IoT security frameworks

In my latest opinion piece on IoT Agenda “Why governments must take the lead on IoT security frameworks” I argue that there needs to be more government involvement when it comes to IoT security. At least until the industry more broadly accepts that IoT security, if done right, can become a competitive advantage and even speed up innovation.
Wi-SUN - The Rise of the Internet of Things

New Report: Wi-SUN Alliance – The Rise of the Internet of Things

Wi-SUN Alliance just released results of a survey of 350 IT decision makers from firms in the U.S., UK, Sweden and Denmark that are already investing in at least one IoT project. Similarly to other IoT related surveys, this one confirms that the IoT security tops the list of major concerns for IoT adopters. IoT security is holding back nearly six in ten (59%) of the respondents.
PwC IIoT Operational Reference Architecture

Whitepaper: PwC – The Role of the CIO in Integrating IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) promises to revolutionize industrial and manufacturing activities, and disrupt today's business models. The CIO’s role will touch various parts of their company more than ever, and they will also need to help their businesses operationalize rapid changes in business models, from products to services, cloud-based models, outsourced models, and others.
ENISA - Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT

New Report: ENISA – Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT

The study which is titled ‘Baseline Security Recommendations for Internet of Things in the context of critical information infrastructures’, aims to set the scene for IoT security in Europe. It serves as a reference point in this field and as a foundation for relevant forthcoming initiatives and developments.

‘Slaughterbots’ Video Depicts a Dystopian Autonomous Killer Drones

Interesting short video depicting a very scary future in which swarms of killer microdrones are dispatched to kill political activists and US lawmakers. Armed with explosive charges, the palm-sized quadcopters use real-time data mining and artificial intelligence to find and kill their targets.
Annual IIoT Maturity Survey

Survey: Adoption of IIoT in manufacturing, oil and gas & transportation

The survey provides an overview of the current state of IIoT adoption and prevailing industry attitudes towards IIoT, solution deployment progress, motivating factors, business objectives, and technology investment projections.
State of IoT 2018

New Report: Cradlepoint State of IoT 2018

New Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report reveals the current IT practices, perceptions and future plans surrounding global Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. The findings of the underlying study revealed that even though over 69% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt, IoT solutions within the next year, 40% of companies have serious concerns around cybersecurity.
Forrester and ForeScout Research on IoT and OT Security Challenges

Report: Forrester & ForeScout Research: IoT & OT Security Challenges

ForeScout commissioned Forrester Consulting to see if organizations can adequately and accurately secure their networks with the rise of IoT-connected devices. The study sheds additional insight into this issue that may be surprising...
Inmarsat - The Future of IoT in Enterprise

Survey: Inmarsat – The Future of IoT in Enterprise

Inmarsat released the results of survey of about 500 respondents. According to the results, IoT has taken a lead over other forms of innovation. 82% of respondents will have adopted some form of IoT within the next two years. Three quarters of respondents in our survey agreed that they needed to improve their processes to protect against malicious attacks...

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