Media – Strategic Security, 5G Security, Privacy, Cyber-Kinetic, Cyber-Physical Systems Security

I often talk to the media about issues related to cybersecurity, privacy and cyber-kinetic security of 5G and connected emerging technologies.

My area of research:

  • security and privacy of 5G;
  • security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS);
  • critical infrastructure cyber protection;
  • cybersecurity, safety and privacy of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and their implementation in Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, and other “Smart” infrastructure;
  • urban ‘cyber resilience’;
  • cyberwarfare;
  • cyberterrorism.

My media involvement ranges from commentary in articles and news items to television appearances. I have been quoted by over 1,700 global publications to date and have appeared in TV news segments on over 40 channels across the world.

I’m happy to contribute to any pieces I can add insight to. Get in touch via the contact page or directly at