March 16, 2019

    How 5G Will Transform Economy and Society

    Since the dawn of the 21st Century, the ways in which people and organizations that use the Internet experience, perceive…
    March 26, 2019

    5G Policy and Regulatory Checklist

    Ultra high speed, high quality 5G networks are expected to provide the connectivity required for massive IoT adoption, remote robotic…
    August 30, 2023

    Is 5G security being sacrificed at the altar of profit, politics and process?

    Homo sapiens is an incredibly adaptable species, arguably the most adaptable ever. But it is also a forgetful one, quick…
    April 1, 2019

    Geopolitics of 5G and 5G-Connected Massive & Critical IoT

    Emerging Technology and Geopolitics of 5G There are several reasons emerging technology is a highly competitive industry, notwithstanding the race…
    • 5G & Massive IoT Business5G Security Politics

      Is 5G security being sacrificed at the altar of profit, politics and process?

      Homo sapiens is an incredibly adaptable species, arguably the most adaptable ever. But it is also a forgetful one, quick to take things for granted. Many of us can remember when cell phones first emerged, when the internet first became publicly available, when the first iPhone was released. These momentous shifts occurred within a generation, altering the nature of society and civilization. Just a few decades ago, none of these existed, but by the time…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT Businessoran lexicon

      The Open RAN Lexicon You Need

      The telecoms and digital technologies sectors are notoriously jargonised. Eavesdrop on any conversation at an industry conference (remember those?) and you’d be treated to a parade of acronyms, initialisms and technical terms that would sound like ancient Greek to an outsider. However, with new technologies being developed and deployed at an accelerated rate, staying on top of terminology can be challenging for even seasoned professionals. This is nowhere as apparent as in the evolving debate…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT BusinessOpen RAN Security

      Open RAN May Be the Future of 5G, but Can We Keep It Secure?

      It’s been a year of contradictions for the telecommunications industry. Like most sectors, it has been heavily impacted by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a slowdown in global 5G roll-outs being a notable result. Geopolitical conflicts have continued to muddy the market, with governments playing a more active role than ever in setting telecoms-centred policy. At the same time, however, the air is thick with promise and opportunity. Over the last nine months,…

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    • Cyber-Kinetic Security5G Cybersecurity Safety

      Cybersecurity and Safety in the 5G-Enabled Smart-Everything World

      Neil Harbisson calls himself a cyborg. Without the antenna implanted in his skull, he would not be able to see colour of any kind. Born with achromatopsia, a condition of total colourblindness that affects 1 in every 30 000 people, Harbisson’s physical faculties are augmented by cyber technology to grant him access to a life of greater meaning and satisfaction. As technological evolution leads to concomitant advances in medical science, we are seeing more and…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT Business5G 3GPP Release Timeline

      Introduction to 3GPP and 3GPP 5G Releases 15, 16 and 17

      In a major milestone for 5G, 3GPP finalized the Release 16 in July – its second set of specifications for 5G New Radio (NR) technology. As a second article in my series of 5G 101 articles, this is a good opportunity to review the 3GPP process and major 5G-related technical specification releases. As well as to clarify some misconceptions about the 5G development process. This article provides an overview of what is 3GPP and its…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT BusinessEdge Computing Fog

      Will Telcos Lose the Edge Computing Battle as Well?

      For many end-users of today’s communications technology, the cloud is a somewhat mystical concept, a digital equivalent of aether. Most think of it as a formless abstraction “up there” when, in fact, the cloud is rooted in the ground. Or the seabed. Despite rapid advances in satellite connection, almost all intercontinental data transfer that takes place every second of the day occurs via hundreds of thousands of miles of underwater cables. Reading a map of…

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    • Society 5.05G COVID-19

      What COVID-19 Taught Us About the Need for 5G

      There are many adjectives that could be used to describe the global outbreak of COVID-19, but perhaps the simplest might be: fast. The disease has spread quicker than most people can mentally digest. By nature, humans process linearly. This pandemic has been a lesson in exponential thinking for the common man. Those who don’t spend their time contemplating Moore’s Law or compound interest have felt overwhelmed by infection or mortality rates that double daily. In…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT Business5G Virtualization

      Unlocking the Future – Why Virtualization Is the Key to 5G

      Depending on who you speak to, 5G is either humankind’s greatest imminent blessing or its greatest imminent curse. Still in its infancy, and not yet commercially standardized, this technology has already been the most polarizing advancement we have ever seen in communication. Consumers worldwide are captivated by promises of super-fast download speeds, split-second responsiveness and next-level mobile phone communication, but are divided on the possible sacrifices of privacy and security. Detractors continue to issue condemnations…

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    • Society 5.05G Opportunity and Cybersecurity

      Opportunity and Cybersecurity in the Age of 5G

      The human will to innovate is seemingly relentless. The history of our species is one of continual development, with the last 350 years, in particular, representing staggering technological progress. The first industrial revolution mechanized production using natural elements like water. The second revolution used electricity to enable mass production; the third used electronics and information technology to automate production. The fourth industrial revolution unfolding all around us is characterized by an exponential growth in data…

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    • 5G & Massive IoT BusinessCanada 5G CA5G

      Collaboration: The Unexpected Key to Success in Canada’s 5G

      In 1967, Lynn Margulis, a young biologist, published a paper that challenged more than a hundred years of evolutionary theory. It proposed that millions of years ago, the eukaryotes emerged not from competition, as neo-Darwinism asserts, but from collaboration. Margulis’ research showed how single-celled lifeforms working together created an entirely new organism that became the foundation of all advanced life on earth. This was an inflection point in the development of evolutionary biology, shifting the…

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