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5G OpenRAN Security

Can we afford to keep ignoring Open RAN security?

I’m skeptical of ‘futurists’. Work closely enough with the development of technology solutions and you’ll know that the only certain thing about the future...
Securing Society 5.0

Introducing Society 5.0

Self-help authors and politicians seem to agree on at least one thing: mindset matters. The shelves of bookstores worldwide are awash with motivational books...
Securing Society 5.0 Introduction

Securing Society 5.0 – Overcoming the hidden threats in society’s greatest evolutionary leap

A term first coined by the Japanese government, “Society 5.0” describes "A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems...
5G Cloud Architecture

A Comparison of 5G Core Network Architectures

The 5G Core network is a Service Based Architecture. It evolves the traditional appliance based 4G Core Network to support services. It offers more...
oran lexicon

The Open RAN Lexicon You Need

The telecoms and digital technologies sectors are notoriously jargonised. Eavesdrop on any conversation at an industry conference (remember those?) and you’d be treated to...

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Marin's Personal Blog on 5G Security

Marin Ivezic

For 30+ years I’ve been protecting lives, well-being, enterprises, and the environment by bringing together cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, operational resilience, and functional safety.
I started working on 5G cybersecurity research in 2009 when we correctly predicted the cyber-physical nature of future 5G use cases.
[This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions are personal. See Terms.]

My other websites is my main blog with all my collected writings and resources. Focus is on cyber-physical systems security, ICS/OT security, IoT security, cyber-kinetic security and critical infrastructure cyber protection, but it also includes my opinions on leadership, diversity and inclusion, disinformation, and other topics.

My books (published and in process)

Securing Society 5.0

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI - Amazon Best Seller

Cyber-Kinetic Security Book

Trusted 5G Book

5G SBA IMS MEC Architecture

Introduction to 5G Core Service-Based Architecture (SBA) Components

The interest in 5G and mIoT is exploding. It's exciting to see so many IT and cybersecurity professionals in my network trying to learn...
5G Security Privacy

5G Security & Privacy Challenges

Don’t let the “5G” in the title confuse you. This post is not only about the telcos’ core networks, but about the 5G security...
US vs China 5G

Geopolitics of 5G and 5G-Connected Massive & Critical IoT

Emerging Technology and Geopolitics of 5G There are several reasons emerging technology is a highly competitive industry, notwithstanding the race for intellectual property that can...
Edge Computing Fog

Will Telcos Lose the Edge Computing Battle as Well?

For many end-users of today's communications technology, the cloud is a somewhat mystical concept, a digital equivalent of aether. Most think of it as...
Society 5.0 and 5G

Will 5G and Society 5.0 Mark a New Era in Human...

In their outstanding book, Wicked and Wise, Alan Watkins and Ken Wilber look at some of the most pressing ‘wicked problems’ facing the human...
Cyber-Kinetic Security, IoT Security, OT Security

The World of Cyber-Physical Systems & Rising Cyber-Kinetic Risks

We live in a world in which the way we observe and control it is radically changing. Increasingly, we interact with physical objects through...
Canada 5G CA5G

Collaboration: The Unexpected Key to Success in Canada’s 5G

In 1967, Lynn Margulis, a young biologist, published a paper that challenged more than a hundred years of evolutionary theory. It proposed that millions...
Smart City Privacy

Getting Street Smart – The Inherent Privacy Risks of Smart Cities

Humans are moving to cities at an unprecedented rate. Today 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas with that number expected to...
AI and 5G Double-edged Sword

AI and 5G: AI at the 5G Core – A Double-Edged...

If you've ever been to an expensive restaurant and ordered a familiar dish like, say, lasagna, but received a plate with five different elements...

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