Whitepaper: PwC – The Role of the CIO in Integrating IIoT

PwC IIoT Operational Reference Architecture
PwC IIoT Operational Reference Architecture

Whitepaper: PwC – The Role of the CIO in Integrating IIoT for Industrial Companies

Link: https://www.pwc.com/m1/en/publications/documents/role-of-cio-in-integrating-iiot-for-industrial-companies.pdf [PDF]

Published: 23 November 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) promises to revolutionize industrial and manufacturing activities, and disrupt today’s business models. The CIO’s role will touch various parts of their company more than ever, and they will also need to help their businesses operationalize rapid changes in business models, from products to services, cloud-based models, outsourced models, and others.
Few key ideas from the whitepaper:
  • The sheer size of the industrial IoT opportunity far outweighs all expectations of the consumer-oriented IoT.
  • Managing the transition to IIoT will be an enormously complex task, and the #1 priority for CIOs and CEOs.
  • The CIO’s role in defining his or her company’s digital strategy has become more important than ever.
  • The IIoT roadmap needs a business and cross-functional agenda.
  • A reference architecture is instrumental in guiding every company’s shift to the IIoT.
  • As companies shift from their traditional product orientation to a focus on services and customers, and new digital offerings, they must design an entirely new operating model.
  • The IIoT will place huge new demands on the CIO. It’s an opportunity few will want to miss.
  • Security is not a layer, but rather a critical concern at every level of the IIoT stack.