Today Huawei released its position paper on cyber security.

The paper is an excellent summary of 5G security risks, latest standards and industry developments related to 5G security. Some of the 5G security approaches Huawei claims to follow and how their cybersecurity organized all have some interesting and applicable nuggets.

Once some of the self-serving statements are filtered out, this paper together with included references could serve as a good 5G security primer.

The paper, however, is coming somewhat short of addressing the key security concern with Huawei – namely the risk of the Chinese state gathering sensitive data and/or installing backdoors in Huawei 5G gear. Huawei’s argument in this paper boils down to “Supplier country of origin is not an element for security risk” because more cyber incidents are caused by different threats; and a claim that Huawei would sooner shut down the company than comply with Chinese government’s request to spy / install backdoors.

You can download the paper here:

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Marin Ivezic is a Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner in PwC Canada focused on risks of emerging technologies.